Paul Elder: Dedicated
Artist, Expert Angler,
and Avid Surfer

There are many versions of the story about how Paul Elder became the artist for Ballast Point. Here’s the short version: as a Home Brew Mart regular, Paul struck up a conversation with Yuseff about fishing, and then pulled out a sketchbook full of meticulously detailed fish illustrations. Everytime Yuseff or Jack had an idea for a beer, they asked Paul to sketch it out—the first one was a yellowtail, the icon for our Pale Ale.

Paul Elder

The Art of a Label

Sketches became paintings, and paintings became labels. To this day, the fish illustrations and nautical scenes for which we are known are at the hands of one man: our resident artist, Paul Elder.

As is fitting for Ballast Point, Paul is a San Diego native and truly a man of the sea—when he’s not painting or drawing, you can find him on the water, surfing or spear fishing.

Ballast Point

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