Mead Recipes

Basic Mead
14# Orange Blossom Honey
2 packs Cote Des Blancs Yeast

No nutrients needed on this one. I bottled it at 4 months and it was very drinkable. I soaked the sliced nectarines in a steeping bag with the honey after the boil for about 20 minutes and then strained them out. After that I pressed the remaing juice out the pulp and threw that in as well. Primary for 3-4 weeks and age in secondary for 2 months.

Strawberry Splash Mead
Size 7 gallons

8 lb Alfalfa’s Boulder clover and wildflower honey mix
2 lb Madhava western wildflower honey
2 lb fresh pureed strawberries
6 cups corn sugar
0.5 cup lactose
1.5 oz cascade leaf hops (boil)
2 tbsp gypsum
1 pack red star champagne yeast (started in diluted must)
1 tea strainer lemon grass tea added when transferred to carboy
1 cup corn sugar (bottling)

OG 1.052 @ 109 deg F (started in white pail)
IG 1.004 @ 70 deg F (moved to carboy)
FG 0.998 @ 73 deg F

Comments: Tastes sweet at first, has a sour aftertaste, very promising.

Aged nicely, use more strawberries next time.

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