North East – Clinton Pickett – Fruit Beer

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Clinton Pickett: Fruit Beer – Passionfruit beer

Laceyville, PA

How long have you been home brewing?

I started home brewing Nov. of 2014.  I had recently moved back to our family’s farm in Pennsylvania after living in Brazil for 5 years. The week before I left, a friend invited me to his craft beer and food pairing party where I had an awesome homebrewed Brown English Ale/ESB. I loved it so much that I wanted to create an experience like that of my own to share with others.

What was the inspiration for your winning regional beer?

Since leaving Brazil almost 2 years ago, I learned that I really liked passion fruit and it has been impossible to find it in rural Pennsylvania. I thought everyone from Brazil that was living in the USA would love how it would make them feel like they were back home.

What is your favorite Ballast Point beer?

Generally I prefer darker beers or English style things but for some reason I currently like Big Eye and it’s got a hold on me something fierce!

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