Grand Champion – California – Doug Brown – Weizenbock

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Doug Brown: Weizenbock – German Wheat Beer

San Diego, CA

How long have you been home brewing?

I started brewing in July of 2000 after graduating from college on the East Coast. I began by making his own wine until a friend who lived near Home Brew Mart recommended Ballast Point’s Home Brew Classes and he learned to brew from Yuseff Cherney.

What is your favorite Ballast Point beer?

Favorite beer is currently Grunion, the mosaic hops really shine in that beer.

What keeps you home brewing?

I enjoy constantly exploring new flavors and combinations of ingredients. Every time you homebrew you get to make something new, so it is great to experiment and craft brew to make what my friends and I like to drink.

Ballast Point

Are you 21 years old,
or older?

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