Three Sheets Barley Wine Ale

Three Sheets

Barley Wine Ale

Inspired by the hoppier West Coast BarleyWines in the late ’80s and early ’90s. This American Barley Wine is full of rich roasted caramel flavors and the spice and aroma from many hop additions. Eighty Lovibond Crystal Malt helps create a light mahogany color and dry hopping with Cascade Hops add to the many layers of flavors in this ever-evolving ale. When Three Sheets Barley Wine is fresh, it almost leans into the Double/Imperial Red category. Cellar it for a year, expect the taste of the hop bitterness and hop aroma to back off and the rich melanoidin sugars, from a two hour boil, step forward caressing you with a complex malty smoothness.


Draft Only

Alc. By Vol.



55 IBUs

Food Pairings

Fatty Beef Burger
Red Mole Sauce
Stilton Cheese

A “sheet” on a ship is a rope that controls the trim of sail, with three sheets loose the ship will start to rock back and forth because of the flailing sails. Three sheets to the wind is now used as part of a scale that rates how drunk someone is, with four sheets being unconscious.

  • Los Angeles International Beer Competition
    • 2005: Silver
    • 2014: Bronze
    • 2015: Bronze
  • San Diego International Beer Festival & Competition
    • 2010: Silver
    • 2013: Silver
    • 2016: Gold
  • California State Fair
    • 2015: Silver Certificate
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