Sextant Oatmeal Stout


Oatmeal Stout

Pours with abundant curtaining that settles into an opaque onyx color with red highlights and a thick beige head from the nitro treatment. Subtle aromas of a freshly made cappuccino, milk chocolate and roasted raw barley. Chocolate Malts and 20% Flaked Barley help build the cookie dough flavors and the velvety, silky smooth mouth feel. Medium body is balanced by one mid-boil addition of UK Fuggle Hops. This allows a smooth bitterness and more hop flavor to make its way into this Oatmeal Stout. Some earthy lavender flavors also are derived from the UK Fuggle hops and add to the slight hoppy aftertaste in this very drinkable ale. Our nitro treatment comes from using both carbon dioxide and nitrogen being dissolved into the beer. This creates tiny bubbles and a creamy texture when the beer is heavily agitated while being poured from a nitro tap.


Draft Only

Alc. By Vol.



24 IBUs

Food Pairings

Indian Potato Curry
Fish and Chips
Camembert Cheese

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