Reef Rye Ale


Rye Ale

Reef Rye Brown Ale contains nine different grains (32% Rye), two varieties of hops, and our proprietary yeast strain. Reef Rye is an attempt to make an otherwise boring style of beer (Brown Ale) very interesting. The solid malt backbone comes from the addition of Chocolate Malt for color, and Special Roast Malt for baked bread flavors. Has a big aroma, not usually associated with Brown Ales, from Palisade hops and coriander added post fermentation. Both hops and coriander are rich in linalool. Coriander, added post fermentation with the extra hops, helps add to some of the aroma traditionally derived from dry-hopping alone.


Draft Only

Alc. By Vol.



22 IBUs

Food Pairings

Lamb Stew
Roasted Game Hen
Colby Cheese

A reef is a rock, sandbar, or other feature lying beneath the surface of the water (80 metres or less beneath low water). A fringing reef is a reef that is attached to an island. A barrier reef forms a calcareous barrier around an island resulting in a lagoon between the shore and the reef. An atoll is a ring reef with no land present. The reef front (ocean side) is a high energy locale whereas the internal lagoon will be at a lower energy with fine grained sediments. Reefs are an important part of the ocean and San Diego!

  • San Diego International Beer Festival & Competition
    • 2012: Silver
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