Black Marlin


A hoppy twist on the classic English Porter.
Our Black Marlin Porter stands out in a town known primarily for its IPA’s. We craft it from a unique blend of roasted and crystallized malts that give it a smooth, chocolaty, caramel profile. Then toss in a healthy dose of American hops to serve up full-bodied flavor worthy of its San Diego roots.


Year Round in:
22oz. Bottles, & Draft

Alc. By Vol.



46 IBUs

Food Pairings

Smoked Meats
Carne Asada
Apple Pie

With its dark roasted malts and assertive hopping, this is an American version of the classic Porter style beer. Dark brown/black color and medium bodied. Like dessert? You’ll love this: Black Marlin Porter with apple pie a la mode—try it! Black Marlin is a rich, dark and chocolaty Porter with a distinctive American hop character. It is a great beer to go with hearty foods and is always one of the beers that pairs well with dessert. We also invite you to blend Black Marlin with Big Eye IPA for a treat we like to call the Black Eye.

  • Los Angeles International Beer Competition
    • 2002: Gold
    • 2004: Gold
    • 2006: Bronze
    • 2007: Gold
    • 2008: Bronze
    • 2011: Bronze
  • California State Fair
    • 2005: Gold Certificate
    • 2007: Bronze Certificate
    • 2008: Silver Certificate
    • 2011: Gold Certificate
  • Great American Beer Festival
    • 2003: Bronze
  • European Beer Star Awards
    • 2014: Silver
    • 2015: Gold
    • 2016: Gold
  • Australian International Beer Awards
    • 2012: Silver
    • 2013: Bronze
    • 2014: Bronze
  • US Beer Open Championship
    • 2015: Silver
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