2018 Pro-Am Rules

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BALLAST POINT® & HOME BREW MART® Pro Am Homebrew Competition




Open Registration | Now through May 6th

April 23rd – May 6th | Shipping / Drop-off window

May 19th | Judging at Home Brew Mart

June 2018 | Brew the winning beer from the recipe submitted by the winning homebrewer.


Ballast Point Brewing Company® and Home Brew Mart® (“Ballast Point”) will judge up to 200 entries in the Ballast Point GABF Homebrew Competition, an AHA/BJCP Sanctioned Competition.

Entries received after we reach 200 submissions will not be judged, and bottles will not be returned.  We will post an update as we near the total number of submissions.

Each Contestant may enter up to 2 submissions, but no more than 1 submission per style category. All bottle information must be typed and and affixed with our Bottle Identification Labels.

The competition is limited to residents of Southern California, age 21 or older. This includes the following Counties: San Luis Obispo, Kern, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and Imperial.

Judging will be done in accordance with 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines.  Submissions WILL NOT be accepted in the following categories: 31 (Alternative Fermentables Beer) and 33 (Wood Beer).

Beer Scoresheets will be returned for all judged entries.  Please visit the BJCP website (http://www.bjcp.org/) for more information on the judging process, including the style guidelines, copies of the scoresheet and beer fault list.

Beers will be judged in a Best of Show format.

All entrants agree to assign any necessary intellectual property associated with a winning entry for the purpose of re-brewing their recipe.  (See below for more details.)

Entrants are required to provide the names of all individuals involved in developing and/or brewing the recipe entered.

All entrants must ensure that they homebrew in accordance with the laws and regulations of their location.

All decisions by Organizers will be final.  Organizers reserve the right to determine, in their sole discretion, if an entry is not of sufficient quality to be worthy of a prize.


Best of Show

(i) The brewer of the Best of Show winning entry will be invited to a Ballast Point brewery in June 2018 to scale up and rebrew the winning recipe.

(ii) The beer will be entered in the Great American Brew Fest® Pro-Am Competition (assuming entry regulations can be met); and

(iii) The beer will be brewed commercially, packaged and distributed to the extent determined by Ballast Point in its sole discretion.


  1. Visit to complete an electronic entry form.
  2. Entrants who submit the electronic entry form will receive, via email, Bottle Identification Forms. These Bottle Identification Forms MUST be filled out and submitted along with the entrant’s beer bottles. The Bottle Identification Forms should be secured to the entry bottles with a rubber band. We highly recommend protecting the identification forms with a resealable plastic bag so the writing remains legible until the beer can be judged.
  3. Entrants must submit 3 bottles per entry to Ballast Point during the shipping window. Bottles that arrive after the submission deadline will not be judged and will not be returned. Submit entries to Ballast Point by doing one of the following:

(i) Entries may be shipped to Home Brew Mart, 5401 Linda Vista Rd, San Diego CA, 92110


(ii) Entries may be dropped off to any California Ballast Point tasting room during operational hours. Please check for specific location hours as the may vary at each location.

  1. If you have questions on the entry process, please send them to: info@homebrewmart.com.


  1. Each bottle shall be between 10 and 12 fluid ounces in volume.
  2. Each bottle shall be no more than 2.75 inches in diameter and no more than 9 inches high.
  3. Each bottle shall be free of any identifying marks, including any ink, paper, paint, or other labeling. Any markings, lettering or graphics on the caps shall be obliterated with a permanent black marker.  No swing-top bottles allowed.
  4. Bottles must be received with the corresponding Bottle Identification Forms secured via rubber band. DO NOT attach the Bottle Identification Forms with glue or tape.
  5. Bottles not meeting these submission requirements will be disqualified. Disqualified submissions will not be returned.
  6. Any packages arriving COD or with postage due will be returned to sender.
  7. It is your responsibility to ensure that the bottles arrive on-time, at the proper location, and in good condition. The American Homebrewers Association has packing and shipping suggestions here, under Part III: http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/competitions/national-homebrew-competition/rules-and-regulations/
  8. DO NOT SHIP SUBMISSIONS VIA THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE. Please use a commercial shipper, and be sure to review the shipper’s rules and regulations.  We are not responsible for submissions that do not arrive by the submission deadline.


The beer submitted MUST NOT have been brewed on equipment used to brew or manufacture beverages for any commercial purpose, including at any brew-on-premises establishments.  Competition is open to non-professional brewers only.  Failure to abide by these rules WILL result in disqualification.

Failure to complete the entire entry form may result in disqualification.

Employees of Home Brew Mart, Inc. and Constellation Brands Inc., and their immediate family members, are not eligible to enter.

US residents only.

Must be 21 years old or older to enter.

All submissions become the property of Ballast Point upon delivery.

Ballast Point reserves the right to disqualify any entry for failure to adhere to the eligibility or entry requirements.

No compensation will be paid to any entrant in conjunction with the commercial brewing of any prize-winning entry.  By entering the competition, you represent and warrant that only individuals listed on the entry form were involved in the development of the submitted recipe and the brewing of the submitted beer, and that all such individuals are in-fact listed on the entry form.  Failure to list all such individuals will result in disqualification and forfeiture of any prize.

Entrants hereby grant Ballast Point, in the event that their submission is selected for a prize, the following: (i) a right to use their name and likeness and (ii) a license to the recipe associated with the winning entry.  Winner(s) of the Best In Show prize shall assign, and hereby agree(s) to assign, all intellectual property associated with the winning entry, including but not limited to the recipe (all ingredients and entire process).  Ballast Point reserves the right to modify the winning recipe as/if necessary in order to brew the beer in a commercially-viable amount and/or process.  Failure to execute an assignment of rights in accordance with the foregoing terms will result in forfeiture of any prize.


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